Dr Rob Smith is a visual artist and researcher based in Newcastle Upon Tyne. His practice applies digital tools and material processes to explore new approaches to sited and situated art practices and investigate complex understandings of human interactions with their environment.

He has exhibited works, undertaken residencies and commissions nationally and internationally, showing work with Wysing Arts Centre, Cambridge, Siobhan Davies Studios, London, Den Frie Copenhagen & IMT Gallery and worked with many project partners including National Trust, Lux, Camden Arts Centre, Flat Time House as well as various academic institutions.

He also actively explores the possibilities of collaborative and shared practices, and has developed projects with Charles Danby, Frank Abbott, Fritha Jenkins and The Office of Experiments. Rob currently co-directs ArtHouses in Whitley Bay with Sophie Buxton, has co-directed the artist led project Field Broadcast with Rebecca Birch 2010-2018.

Rob has been working as a professional artist since 2002, when he was awarded a postgraduate diploma from The Royal Academy Schools, London and in 2019 was awarded a PhD for his thesis, Composing Doggerland; How can the North Sea inform new approaches to situated arts practices in the context of the Anthropocene?

instagram: @iamrobsmth